“I am just now finishing up my first month of twice weekly personalized small group sessions at Ekstasis and I am super impressed by the care and attention I’ve gotten. There is so much to recommend about Mike and Tom and the space they’ve built: they create an extremely warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere (in each of my visits I’ve appreciated how they consistently make sure to introduce newcomers to everyone else in the room.)

The space itself is comfortable, fitted with all the necessary equipment and amenities, and has lots of windows that fill the place with natural sunlight; even the music is just right – not too loud, and thoughtfully selected.

Mike and Tom are careful to create a workout program that is tailored to my individual needs, and also to adapt the program and correct my technique as needed. I trust their expertise and enjoy the exercises they suggest for me. They are excellent at offering encouragement and praise!

The hour I spend at each session passes by in a flash! I really like the feeling of good-natured camaraderie that Mike and Tom foster and look forward to becoming one of their long-term clients! Thank you, Mike and Tom, for your investment in your work – it shows!”

– Gabriella M.

Great working out with Mike and Tom. They really know what makes a good workout and how to keep you motivated. Also believe they pay close attention to how you feel on a given day and what you are capable of executing. Making sure you get a good workout but don’t over do it or hurt yourself.

I have also really enjoyed the small group workout format. Wasn’t sure at first what to expect but have been enjoying it more than expected. 

And the space is great, equipment and atmosphere are top notch.

– Aron A.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mike for the past eight years. During that time frame, Mike has specifically focused our twice weekly workouts to address my lower back and core issues which consistently plague me as I sit at a desk 40 hours per week.

Believe me, I would not be able to focus at work, let alone sit in front of a screen, if Mike hadn’t recognized the physiological issues and designed a stretching routine and work outs to strengthen lower back muscles.

I look forward to continued work outs with Mike knowing that I’m significantly better for the experience. I recommend Ekstasis to all

– Chris O.

When you think about physical trainers, you probably imagine workouts for top-notch athletes. I know Mike has these types of clients, but he also offers important benefits for regular folks, and people dealing with physical issues. I have a form of muscular dystrophy, and my workouts over the past three years have eliminated back pain and helped me have a pretty normal life. I don’t feel like I need to bench press 400 pounds to fit in at the gym. My very carefully planned workouts move me forward consistently and safely. As a bonus, Mike has a wicked sense of humor. I’d certainly recommend giving it a try even if you don’t plan to be in the Olympics

– Kevin C.

I have been working out with Tom for 5 years, and I am thrilled that he and Mike have opened this incredible space! I love the group energy AND personal attention of small-group coaching. I’m a busy, desk-bound, woman entrepreneur who LOVES a good workout and appreciates the way these incredible coaches help me achieve my goals of greater wellbeing and overall strength and health. They help me push myself safely in the context of my stressful life, and I always leave feeling better than when I got there.

– Katie H.

I have worked with Mike for over four years and have had great success rebuilding my knees after years of basketball through strength training. Mike is very attentive and designs custom programs for strength and endurance that fit my lifestyle of being an active and athletic 50+ year old. My only regret was not starting sooner in my life with the strength and endurance programs Mike offers.

– Bill L.

I have worked with Mike for a few years and he is a fantastic coach who pushes my limits and always keeps me challenged.

– Sam M.

I was referred to Mike from my physical therapist, I had bad back pain and she recommended more upper body strength. Mike has helped me through my back issues and totally changed my posture. I am stronger than ever and would recommend Mike and his team at Ekstasis to anyone who wants to raise their game and feel good!

– Vivian J.

This state-of-the-art facility, designed and developed by the best coach in the business – Mike Seilo, just opened in Ballard. Mike and team have fused technology with strength and conditioning programming to create custom small group, individual and aerobic workouts. I’ve been a client of Mike’s since his Sound Mind and Body days and recommend Ekstasis without reservation!

– Ian M.

Knowing that high caliber and experienced training has become more and more costly, Mike Seilo formulated a process to lower the cost while still providing first-class training to his clients and new clients. This gives clients the option to work out more while still being cost-effective compared to one on one training. Making expert training more affordable and enjoyable for more and more people who would like to do strength and conditioning training but within their budgets.

– Dan C.

I’ve worked with Mike for over a decade and he’s always done a great job of helping me keep in shape, challenging me with interesting and stimulating workouts, and adjusting to my specific needs (such as a balky knee).

His new gym is a great facility and very convenient.

– Matt H.

I feel so lucky to have a personal trainer who really is personal. Mike and Tom create specific workouts for each individual that focuses on your goals and takes into consideration your physical condition. The new gym is beautiful and has lots of convenient parking.

– Frank H.

Racing a twin-trapeze skiff requires strength, coordination, and endurance, all of which must be maintained for several hours over the course of a race. The training program that Mike designed to meet this challenge has had a tremendous impact on my overall strength, fitness, and competitiveness on the water. He is highly knowledgeable and consistently insightful. Mike is an inspiring coach who has helped to raise my performance several levels. I would highly recommend Mike’s holistic approach to power and strength training to anyone wishing to realize their full athletic potential.
– Alan Diercks

PhD., International-14 USA 1159

I have worked with Mike for over 5 years. I have prior sports injuries to my shoulder and knee. No matter how I am feeling when I come to the gym, Mike is able to develop a exercise routine for me that allows me to safely work out. When I leave the gym, I always feel better than when I came. As a physician, I appreciate Mike’s understanding of exercise physiology. As a client, I appreciate that he is continually changing the routines, and he makes coming to the gym fun. When I turned 49 he taught me how to play basketball. I have been playing for 3 years. That is what I call fun!
– Terry Mayberg

MD., Mother of Two

Mike is an intense workaholic who pushes me to the edge of my limits. Every time I leave the gym I can barely move! His energy is contagious and with that he pushes me to become a better athlete.
– Jamie Johnson

Basketball, Seattle University

Mike has given me more than just solid workouts. He is a coach in every way and has helped not only get my body in shape but my mind as well. Mike’s expert training knowledge and strong motivating personality has helped me achieve more than I ever thought possible through personal training. With Mike as my guide, I have the confidence to reach deeper and push myself further than I ever could alone. My workouts and results have been better than I ever could have hoped for from a personal trainer. Without training sessions with Mike, I would just be a sad sack of wet clothes.
– Nick Harmer

Professional Musician