The First and Only VersaClimber Classes in Seattle

Ekstasis Strength and Conditioning is the first gym in Seattle to offer VersaClimber group classes. Mike Seilo, owner and founder of Ekstasis Strength and Conditioning in Ballard has been using the VersaClimber machine for 20 years in his own personal fitness program as well as with his clients in Seattle. After Mike sustained a series of knee injuries from basketball and could no longer load his knees by the repetitive pounding of running, he discovered through research that the VersaClimber is the closest form of exercise to running in intensity as well as technique without the impact to the joints. Mike used to enjoy the ability to raise his heart rate quickly through running and did not want to lose this, so the VersaClimber has been the answer with zero impact to his joints. Mike is excited to bring group VersaClimber classes to Seattle at Ekstasis Strength and Conditioning’s new Ballard gym.

Exceptional Movement and Motion

The average American sits between 10-13 hours a day in addition to sleeping 6 to 8 hours. The human body originally evolved to move, not be sedentary. Only in the last 100 years have humans began to sit more than standing and moving in a day. Prolonged sitting can cause biomechanical issues as well as metabolic dysfunction which can lead to health issues like cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The Ekstasis VersaClimber Class gets you standing upright using the VersaClimber in contra-lateral movement pattern. Contra-Lateral is used when we crawl, walk or run. It is otherwise known as our natural GAIT pattern. The Contra-Lateral Movement motion is produced when the arm and leg approach each other on one side of body while the opposite arm and leg separate on the other side.

Specialized Aerobic Workout with Tons of Benefits

This will definitely provide you an aerobic workout. The Ekstasis VersaClimber Class has very low impact on the joints, while simultaneously being the most challenging form of exercise done on a fixed aerobic machine in Seattle. Key benefits of utilizing the VersaClimber:

  • Supports the body’s upright biomechanics
  • Promotes healthy spinal alignment
  • A balanced-looking physique
  • Neuromuscular coordination

Join a Class and Get in Shape

Each class at our Ballard gym has a maximum of 10 people and is 30 minutes long. These classes appeal to a diverse demographic ranging from endurance athletes, rock and mountain climbers, skiers, cyclists, spin enthusiasts, rowers, hikers to anyone who wants to improve their aerobic fitness without the impact on the body associated with long term running.