Group Training Done the Right Way

Semi-private or small group training is an effective and affordable way to get a great workout. This is a unique and quality option for the Seattle community. We have found through experience there is a clear advantage in our approach. Our clients come to us because they expect a higher standard that is not available elsewhere. 

Small Groups With Specific, Individual Focus

You will be placed into a small group and coached on your own personalized workout during an hour session. Most gyms conduct “group classes”, but they simply put a group of people in the room and everyone does the same program. We differ by individualizing the experience, coaching you on your personalized program. In other words, even though multiple clients may be training at the same time, each one of you will likely be doing completely different exercises than the other people in the group.

You have physical strengths, weaknesses and fitness goals that are unique. You will go through an individual physical assessment before entering the program. This will help us understand on a deeper level what your physical capabilities and limitations are; By combining the results from the physical assessment with your personal fitness goals, we can design a program that is custom to you.

Everyone is Unique. We Train You, Not the Class

There really isn’t one typical kind of Ekstasis Strength and Conditioning client. On any given day, you could be training next to a collegiate athlete, a CEO, a stay-at-home parent, retired software engineer, or a high school student. The consistent thread is that all our clients are committed and focused on achieving their goals. Physically they may look different, but on the inside, they are very much the same.

Our coaches have the highest level of certification in the industry, the CSCS certification through the NSCA. Coaches are trained to assess and correct each client’s form to create a safe and injury free environment. Our goal is to have you exhibit great technique on all the major exercises and movements. With excellent bio mechanics everything else will fall into place.