Aerobic Conditioning Program in Seattle

At Ekstasis Strength and Conditioning we have created the ultimate circuit for optimum aerobic conditioning in our Ballard gym. This program includes a treadmill, rower, spin bike, VersaClimber machine, endless rope and an elliptical trainer. You will rotate through these machines and complete a customized program that is designed to meet your individual conditioning requirements based on your specific heart rate. All aerobic machines have heart rate displays, so you always know where you need to be to develop aerobic or anerobic power for all activities.  Each person works on one machine for 5 to 15 minutes at a time before moving on to another piece of equipment for a similar time frame, intensity, and heart rate depending on the conditioning requirements that will be set by our coaches.

Excellent Option for Reaching Your Goals Quickly

If you are a client of an Ekstasis individual or small group training program this is a great option for your days off from coached strength training to enhance your aerobic conditioning.  This option is also available if you want to start with just a conditioning program. The machines differ enough from one another to promote safe variability on your body with low impact, while promoting a psychologically easier outcome than just doing 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic work on a single piece of equipment. You won’t get bored doing this cardiovascular work!  Cardiovascular conditioning is as important as the strength, recovery, and nutrition components of a sound fitness program.

This program is perfect if you are interested in changing your body composition, improving your athletic performance, as well as those looking to improve your overall health, wellness, and cognitive function. Join one of the best strength and conditioning programs in Seattle at our new Ballard gym.