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Ekstasis Strength and Conditioning delivers fitness and sports performance training with expert coaches that enable you to get more out of your workout through individually customized programing. We concentrate on functional training that allows you to maximize your time in the gym by doing work that is specific to your goals, abilities, and age. This results in obtaining goals in an efficient, safe manner. Ekstasis programs are for general fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, youth athletes, and people who want more physical and mental energy in their lives outside of the gym. We cater to people of all abilities, ages, and goals. Whether you want to look and feel better or you are an athlete with a specific goal, Ekstasis (ex-sta-sis) can help with a focused customized workout program that delivers lasting, noticeable results.

Through our customized programs, Ekstasis is all about real results that take your abilities, health and fitness to the next level. We offer a comprehensive approach to supporting you with your fitness goals via a personalized assessment and bio marker technology. We evaluate you and take into consideration your physical, mental and emotional needs and all your personal goals. With this information we build a custom program specifically for you to get you performing your best.

Our Personalized Programs

Ekstasis Personlized Small Group Training 

Ekstasis One on One Coaching

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Founder’s Philosophy

Ekstasis Strength and Conditioning was founded by NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Mike Seilo. Mike also holds a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certification and received his BA in Human Services from Western Washington University. He has been working as a private strength and conditioning coach since 2004 and has trained well over 10,000 hours with clients of all ages, abilities, and goals. Mike’s continuing education and research ensures that he remains on the cutting edge of health, wellness and performance.

Ekstasis is the culmination of his experience through a consistent vision focused on making people the best they can be! Together with his CSCS certified coaches and fitness experts, Ekstasis delivers elite level coaching for all its members from body composition, wellness/longevity, and athletic performance.

We believe everyone is an athlete! Whether you want to look and feel better or you are dedicated athlete with a specific performance goal, Ekstasis (ex-sta-sis) can help with a focused customized workout program that delivers lasting, noticeable results.

Our Team

Ekstasis Strength and Conditioning has the best coaches and trainers in the greater Seattle area for adults and students looking to maximize their workout and build true strength and conditioning performance inside an overall fitness program.

Owner, Coach, CSCS, USAWSP

To become an expert coach, it takes a great understanding of exercise science, physical stress, intensity, and recovery through years of observation and research. Mike’s leadership and experience is why so many people have seen amazing results. Learn more about Mike Seilo.

Coach, CSCS

Zach has worked with athletes and clients at all levels of sport and life, working as a personal trainer and performance coach since 2015. Zach uses the most up to date research and techniques to produce results for all. Learn more about Zach Trumbauer.  

Prominent Clients

  • Peyton Siva, Basketball, Detroit Pistons
  • Deb Armstrong, Skiing, 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Austen Czuleger, USA Junior National Champion, Kayak
  • Risley Lesko, Football, Colgate University
  • Cedric Rhodes, Lacrosse, Middlebury College
  • Jacob Franklin, Cross Country and Track, University of Cincinnati
  • Zach Guay, USA Junior National Team, Canoe
  • G.J. Vilarino, Basketball, Appalachian State University
  • Nate Lozeau, Basketball, Portland State University
  • Ben Riva, Football, University of Washington
  • Kayla Williams, Basketball, Humboldt State University
  • Lindsay Wilson, Basketball, WNBA free agent
  • Zach Seilo, Soccer, Willamette University
  • Venoy Overton, Basketball, University of Washington
  • Noah Keats, Football, University of Washington
  • Tom Sheriff, Track and Field, University of Wyoming
  • Kyle Petheram, Football, Sacred Heart University
  • Paulos Shiferaw, Hockey, Surrey, B.C. Semi Pro Team
  • Brandon Jimenez, Football, Eastern Washington University
  • Kelsey Patrick, Basketball, Pepperdine University
  • Candace Chambers, Basketball, San Diego State University
  • Cassie Mullin, Basketball and Soccer, Carlton College
  • Jamie Johnson, Basketball, Seattle University
  • Truly Dorland, Water Polo, Pacific University
  • Sam Kopf, Lacrosse, US Naval Academy
  • Ethan Stowell, Chef and Restaurant Owner
  • Dave Atchison, CEO New Engen
  • Death Cab for Cutie, Atlantic Recording Artists
  • Pearl Jam, Recording Artist
  • Luke Sikma, Professional Basketball Player, Alba Berlin, of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) 
  • Chris Banchero, Professional Basketball Player, Meralco Bolts, of the Phillippine Basketball Association (PBA)

Client Photo Gallery

Check out some of our clients and coaches in action at various workouts and locations around the city and at our gym.